KSCC Health, Safety & Environment

KSCC Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are given the highest priority. The HSE Policy enunciated by the management lays emphasis on Health, Safety & Environment through a structured approach and a well defined organization. Systems and procedures have been established for implementing the requisites at all stages of construction.

The Head of the HSE Department of KSCC operates from the site itself. HSE Managers who in turn monitor implementation of HSE measures through Site HSE officers located at job sites. KSCC HSE Department has a structured approach in managing HSE at job sites.

KSCC is fully committed to achieve and maintain the highest standard of Health and safety for its employees to create a safe working environment at all times and to achieve and maintain the highest standard of environmental protection in all projects, operation and services undertake.

KSCC reminds all employees that they have a responsibility not only for their own safety and that of their colleagues, but also for environmental protection by undertaking their work in a safe and resistible manner. KSCC’s aim to identify and minimize the risk of injury and health hazards of all persons affected by the company and the risk environmental hazards for all activities of the company.

To reduce by all practicable means the number of accidents, dangerous incidents, damage to property, hazards to health, safety and environment at the place of work to ensure that the legal obligations of the company and its employees are fully observed.

In order to achieve these objects KSCC will implement the following after the award of contract.

  • Project HSE Plan
  • Group Risk Assessment
  • Daily Safety Talk
  • Monitoring measures
  • Equipment Fitness Certificated
  • Health, Hygiene & Environment inspection
  • Internal HSE Audits
  • Evaluation of Sub-contractor
  • Safety awards scheme
  • Analyzing first aid cases
  • Project HSE Committee meeting
  • HSE Training
  • Work Permit system
  • General HSE inspection
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Performance measurement and Review system
  • Management Review meeting
  • Accident statistics

Our Endeavour to enhance industrial safety and health protection have led to a marked reduction in the frequency of accidents and absences due to accidents over the past few years. In order to continue with this success we benchmark the general principles of industrial safety at the planning stage. This means that dangerous situation can be avoided and or appropriate protective measures introduced in good time. This is our particular importance in view of that fact planning and execution operations are generally divided amounts different contractors.

IN the field of environmental protection, we are focusing our attention on correct handling and disposal of waste on all our constructions sites in line with local legislation on recycling and waste management and on safe procedure in handling hazardous substances.

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